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At SARIA, we recognize the value in unused organic materials, which is why we are committed to a circular business model. We use organic materials sustainably, creating value for the environment, our partners and our subsidiaries. This is what drives us as one group to do what we do every day.

Three divisions, one group, one common goal:
Together towards a sustainable world and healthier living!

Your needs. Our mission.

Thanks to our company’s high-quality processes and work standards, we are able to meet the individual needs of our customers.

A trusted and preferred partner.

Transparency, reliability, and professional expertise characterize all our activities.

Integrity is non dispensable.

We comply with legal and ethical standards and are committed to corporate social responsibility.

Economic responsibility.

We foster the sustainable development of our partners and our own business by permanently striving for greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Products and services that are part of everyday life

Our ambition as the SARIA Group is to be the preferred partner for sustainable solutions. To this end, our subsidiaries offer a comprehensive range of products and services with which we create added value for our customers and suppliers. Our products are used in many sectors, from agriculture and animal feed to the food industry, from restaurants to the pharmaceutical sector. Sustainable fuels and new types of energy are also part of our portfolio. In addition, we provide important services around safe, fast and hygienic disposal of food waste, animal by-products and potential organic risk material.

Across all our activities, we seek to contribute to conserving scarce natural resources. We collect animal by-products and organic residues that would otherwise be wasted and transform them into high-quality raw materials for new uses in other industries. Cooperation between our various business units ensures that seamless recycling chains are created in the interests of sustainability.

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Sarval Sinova

SARVAL offers a full-service portfolio, with services ranging from the collection of animal raw materials in the meat-processing industry, cutting plants and butcheries to hygienic, high-quality recycling. The specific characteristics of the fats and meals produced by SARVAL are carefully tailored to customer requirements: meals for use in the pet food sector feature a high protein content, while meals used for fertiliser in agriculture have a high nitrogen and phosphate content. The fats produced are an important raw material for many industrial applications.

Bioceval Sinova

BIOCEVAL has been producing fish oil and fish meal in Poland since 1999, at facilities located in the village of Leczyce in Pomerania. Thanks to close cooperation with the Polish fish industry, the company uses only fresh fish cuttings and leftovers to produce oil and meal. The entire process of sourcing raw material and production is carried out in accordance with the highest ecological and hygienic standards, without the need for separate fishing operations.

Not all animal by-products are suitable for the production of feed components and animal feed. The law in force in Poland and throughout the European Union clearly defines which animal by-products are classified as risk materials and must be effectively disposed of. This task is carried out by facilities operating under the SecAnim brand, whose name refers to the safe processing of animal by-products (Security in Animal Processing). SecAnim collects and processes such materials in accordance with legal requirements and with the highest standards of bioassurance. The products resulting from the disposal of hazardous materials are used as alternative fuels for power plants or the cement industry, as well as components for biodiesel production.

Whether in food production, catering, hospitality or retail, the activities of many industries generate food waste, out-of-date food, frying fats and used cooking oils, which must be managed safely and hygienically in accordance with EU and Polish regulations. Every day, using specialized transport, ReFood collects these raw materials from manufacturers and recycles them safely and hygienically at its facilities. In this way, ReFood obtains the organic matter used to produce sustainable energy in the form of electricity, gas and heat, as well as raw materials for biodiesel, through a series of carefully coordinated processing steps. A byproduct of the biogas plants’ biomass processing is the digestate, which is a high-quality organic fertilizer readily used in agriculture. For more details, visit

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