Our Corporate Compliance

Compliance is a core business for us and is therefore reflected in the daily work of the SARIA Group team. Our shareholders, customers and business partners, public authorities and the general public expect us to act lawfully, competently and responsibly at all times, for which reason each of our employees is required to comply with the company’s internal regulations, laws, as well as ethical and moral principles in their professional activities. Compliance with the SARIA Group-wide rules of conduct in accordance with relevant laws and regulations is not only the responsibility of each employee, but also sets the legal and ethical framework for collective action.

Our commitment

Our commitment is based on the guidelines described in our Code of Conduct, which covers all issues and basic principles of conduct in accordance with applicable laws and moral standards. The Code of Conduct comprehensively regulates all relevant issues, such as the SARIA Group’s conduct in the marketplace and the conduct of our employees in their dealings with regulatory institutions or contractors, as well as among themselves. Compliance, by all SARIA Group employees, with the Code of Conduct is essential to our corporate responsibility and building long-term business relationships.
Want to learn more about the guidelines in our Code of Conduct? here.

Our Business Principles

Achieving our goals is dependent on our commitment to certain rules of behaviour, as summarised in our Business Principles. Across the Group, they guide our work, thereby providing greater transparency and direction. However, these principles are also a promise to you and create expectations that we aim to live up to. We are committed to actively meeting this challenge in the coming years. You can download our Business Principles here.

Our SARIA framework as our anchor and our aim

Our vision is defined and outlined in the SARIA Principles, which are in effect at all of our branches around the world. They serve as a model and benchmark for our daily operations. Above all, however, they serve our business partners, for whom they are a source of knowledge about us, providing a basis for cooperation based on partnership and trust so that we can shape the future together.

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