Biogas and biocomponents for fuels – sustainable energy for all industries

The world’s demand for energy is growing every day. When discussing resources such as coal, nuclear power or oil, let’s not forget the existence of alternative sources of sustainable energy, which SARIA Group specializes in producing. One such source is the biogas produced at part of ReFood’s facilities, which is used to generate heat and electricity, thus saving natural resources. The other is environmentally friendly biocomponents for fuels, which also significantly reduce the consumption of fossil raw materials. Both sources of energy, produced by the SARIA Group, fit perfectly into the closed-loop economy.


Because of the serious problem of global climate warming, as a result of excessive carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, natural gas is often cited as a better alternative to coal and oil. However, natural gas resources are also limited, for which reason it is already necessary to protect them by looking for new alternative energy sources. With this in mind, SARIA has developed a much more promising counterpart to natural gas: biogas based on organic food waste, the generation of which is an integral part of the operation of supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. This alternative energy source can be used to generate electricity and heat without depleting natural resources.


The limitation of oil resources, but above all the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to protect the earth’s atmosphere, means that the search for alternative energy sources will have to be further intensified in the future. Biodiesel produced by the SARIA Group contributes to conservation in two ways.

First, no natural energy resources are used in the production of our biofuel components, and second, the resulting biofuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide and methane, during the operation of vehicle engines. The amount of biocomponents we produce from organic raw materials allows us to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels every year. As an example, let’s take the fact that fuel produced from after-frying oils (that is, oil used during frying in catering) is enough to drive more than 1,000 kilometers in an average-sized car.


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