Chemical industry – basic materials and additives of outstanding quality

In the process of converting, collected organic animal and plant material, the SARIA Group produces high-quality fats and oils, which are then used by many reputable companies to produce the brands of cleaning products and detergents we all know and use in our daily household chores such as laundry, cleaning and dishwashing.


What we offer

The SARIA Group offers environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional raw materials based on petroleum, palm oil and coconut oil for oleochemical applications. These alternatives use non-consumable animal fats obtained from the food sector. Many processing steps result in chemicals that can be used to produce fabric softeners and other items.

The processes taking place in industrial production are accompanied by high temperatures and high pressures. These extreme loads can easily lead to damage to machinery and products. The fats and oils produced by SARIA Group member ecoMotion, which are used in the manufacture of industrial lubricants and adhesives, make a significant contribution to avoiding such damage and to the smooth running of the production process thanks to their pressure- and temperature-resistant properties.
ecoMotion can also support your production processes with high-grade alcohols and vegetable products such as glycerin.

If you are interested in high-quality oils and fats for the manufacture of your products, SARVAL sharing its knowledge and experience will be happy to help as a reliable and competent partner.
If you require ingredients such as glycerin, then feel free to contact ecoMotion, whose team is at your service.

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