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Today, practically most of us pay great attention to our health and appearance. Among consumers, we are increasingly seeing a thorough “study” of the compositions that have been used in the production of a given product. This trend no longer applies not only to food products but also to dietary supplements, cosmetics and even medicines. The modern consumer wants to use the best solutions available on the market and be treated with the best products. He communicates this to manufacturers precisely by paying attention to the composition of the cleansing, beautifying, nourishing and healing products he uses daily, both orally and when applying them to his skin or hair.
The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have also recognized changes in consumer behavior and expectations regarding the quality and efficacy of their products, expressing this through the great attention paid to the quality of the base substances used to manufacture their products. This situation has resulted in the fact that today many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are sourcing the highest quality animal oils and fats produced and offered by SARVAL.

What we offer

The SARIA Group supports the global pharmaceutical industry, through its subsidiaries Bioberica and Van Hessen, as a leading and reliable supplier of heparin. Heparin was isolated and first used in medicine in 1938. Since then, it has been one of the most widely used drugs in the world for the treatment of thrombosis. It is an ingredient in many anticoagulants as well as gels and sprays used adjunctively in the treatment of, for example, varicose veins occurring on the legs, subcutaneous hematomas and even in bruises and swelling.

We also provide support in the production of chondroitin. The Van Hessen Company supplies top-quality cartilage extracted from bovine trachea for this purpose.
In addition, in cooperation with our company, we offer pharmaceutical companies access to raw materials for the production of drugs used in the treatment of pancreatic diseases for patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.
In addition to pancreatin, Van Hessen has also developed other active enzymes together with its sister company Bioiberica. The very good cooperation of the companies that are part of the SARIA Group guarantees our suppliers reliable, best-in-class valorization of their products, and our customers a controlled and transparent supply chain.
The goal we have set for ourselves is to offer customers guarantees of the highest safety, quality and traceability of all these products – because the most important pillar of mutual cooperation is trust.


For more detailed information on heparin, please contact Bioiberica. For fats and oils, SARVAL will be happy to provide support. As for cartilage supplies and cooperation in the production of drugs for pancreatic diseases, the Van Hessen company is at your disposal.

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