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Reliability and quality of service are cornerstones for slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants when choosing a business partner for the regular collection of animal by-products. As a specialist in PUPZ recycling, SARVAL, part of the SARIA Group, will advise and is able to offer customers optimal solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Our offer

It doesn’t matter whether you are a large global company or a small enterprise, SARVAL will respond to your needs and challenges in managing animal by-products. The scope of our operations covers the whole of Poland, so we are able to provide services to customers with a large number of branches scattered throughout the country. SARVAL’s offer includes a full range of services for slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants and related sectors of the food industry, food trade, butchers, meat and delicatessen producers. SARVAL provides its customers with suitable containers, designed for the storage and transportation of PUPZ, tailored to the individual wishes and needs of the customer.

Your partners

We use almost exclusively our own vehicles in Poland and Europe. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped in accordance with the latest technical standards and thus provides optimal service. Our vehicles, in accordance with current standards and legislation, are scrupulously washed and disinfected after each transport, which guarantees sanitary-epidemiological safety for our customers. SARVAL has the relevant certificates to guarantee legal receipt and full traceability of goods at all times.

The by-products of meat slaughtering and cutting received by SARVAL are almost completely processed and subjected to a rational and sustainable process of further processing, for example into protein meal. The goal is to achieve the highest possible added value by processing raw materials within a highly efficient value-added chain in which nothing is wasted and which contributes to market- and customer-oriented conditions – ecologically and economically from a single source.

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Not all animal by-products are recyclable. The law clearly defines source materials, classified as potentially hazardous materials, which must be collected and disposed of as quickly and efficiently as possible. The SARIA Group’s expert in this area is SecAnim. Specialized vehicles at SecAnim’s disposal arrive at the designated location and take the animal by-products or hazardous materials to plants adapted for the disposal of such raw material. Processing is carried out in a professional manner, with full safety, in strict compliance with Polish and EU guidelines.

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Every member of the team, whether he or she works in the backoffice, in customer support or as a driver, does his or her best to support the company’s customers. All over the country. Every day.

Thanks to our extensive network of representative offices, we are able to provide our services throughout the country. Just one phone call and we will take care of your needs.

Whether it’s collecting leftover food, stale bread or used frying oils, SARIA Group has a service that will suit you. Feel free to contact us.

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