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It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about pigs, chickens, fish such as trout or salmon, or our domestic pets, namely dogs and cats, they share a common denominator, which is health and development. Both of these things largely depend on how we treat, care for and feed our animals. Providing proper living conditions including quality, well-balanced feed or food is a guarantee of health and proper development of animals.

The high-quality feed components produced and offered by the SARIA Group meet the various nutritional needs of both livestock, companion animals and aquaculture. Our product range, which we offer to feed and livestock feed manufacturers, includes high-quality proteins, animal fats and fish fats. We are also able to secure your production needs in top-quality single-species meals such as salmon, duck, goose and poultry meal. We are happy to share our know-how with our business partners and provide information on the possible applications of our products. We make sure that the intermediates we produce for feed and feed production can be easily integrated into the customer’s processes and product ideas so that together we can meet even the most sophisticated requirements of animals and their owners. With our diversified product range, together with feed and feed manufacturers, we contribute to ensuring a long and healthy life for animals, thereby supporting their owners. In this way, whether it is SARIA using organic waste to produce pet food and feed components, the pet food and feed manufacturers sourcing these components from us, or animal breeders and pet owners, we are all involved in promoting a sustainable economy.

What we offer

We guarantee close monitoring and control of processes with the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability from the moment we obtain raw materials from slaughterhouses and the fish processing industry. We adhere to the technical quality standards and guidelines of the European Union.
In addition, our products are constantly monitored by the relevant veterinary inspection authorities. We operate in a highly efficient value-creation cycle of converting animal by-products into feed raw materials, thus preventing the waste of valuable organic materials. This process is perfectly in line with the concept of a closed-loop economy, which is both cost-effective for customers and beneficial for the environment.

Are you interested in high-quality components for the production of pet food or ingredients for the production of feed for livestock or aquaculture animals?
If your answer is “YES”, we are very pleased to inform you that SARIA is a manufacturer of a wide range of such components. The products we offer are of high quality and, depending on the need, have the characteristic aroma of fish, red meat or poultry and can be easily combined with other ingredients, for example, as an additive to dry or wet feed. In turn, the fish oil we produce is a source of high-quality energy and a natural feed flavor enhancer.
Manufacturers of feeds and animal feeds using our products as their components make an important contribution not only to the healthy rearing and maintenance of livestock and aquaculture, but also make a major contribution to a closed loop economy and sustainable development.
Feel free to contact us for more information on the products we offer and how they can be customized to meet your needs.

Bioiberica – the future is being created now

We are proud to have Bioberica, a leading biomolecule specialist in the world, as part of the SARIA Group. Bioberica, being a global company, is active in the field of life sciences and its priority is to improve human health and animal and plant welfare. Bioberica’s core business is the identification, extraction and development of biomolecules of animal origin, which are processed into high-quality products used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, feed and agricultural industries. The company’s broad product portfolio also includes nutritional additives and innovative feed ingredients that improve the performance and health of domestic and farm animals.

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